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Mwave shop Policy Guide

Date implemented: 2017.4.21

1. Membership Registration
1) You must register using your email address in order to make purchases on Mwave or Mwave shop
- CJ ONE members and members who register using Facebook or Twitter may not make purchases

2) After registering, in order to make a purchase, a one-time user authentication is required for members residing in Korea
- When making a payment, users will be prompted to to authenticate themselves through the NICE Info system.

2. Orders, Payment
1) How to place an order
- Add the product you want to purchase to Cart, Enter your address and Make payment
- Payment methods: Choose from Paypal, Inipay
- Currency: USD (The base currency is USD. If you make a payment using a different currency, the amount will vary according to the daily exchange rate

2) Order Confirmation
- Status 1: Processing - Payment completed, Preparing items.
- Status 2: Prepared - Items on standby for shipping.
- Status 3: Complete - Shipped to customer's address. Tracking available

3) Where to check the order information?
- [Processing] and [Complete] : [My Account] - [My Orders] - Corresponding Order
- [Prepared] : Product detail page
※ Prepared status items will not appear in My Orders, you must check each item on detail page.

4) Leave a message for MEET&GREET
- You can leave a message for the artist per MEET&GREET product purchased, and it will be reflected in the mosaic page after you make the payment.
- You may not edit the message once you submit it. If you cancel the order, the message will disappear.

5) Group Orders
- If you wish to order more than 300 items, please go to [My Account] - [Help Desk] and leave your inquiry.

6) Amend Order
- Changes to an order can only be made if the order status is 'Processing.' If the order status is 'Prepared,' changes cannot be made.
- Go to [My Account] - [Help Desk] and leave any inquiries

3. Shipment
1) Shipping Costs
- Please check this detail page. Shipping Guide
2) Combined shipping
- If you have many items in your Cart, the items will be shipped after all of the items have been prepared.
3) Shipping Schedule
- MEET&GREET items: When the broadcast is over, the artist will sign the amount ordered. Once all of the items are signed, delivery will begin.
- For all other items, please refer to the 'Shipping Schedule' notice.
4) What is EMS?
- EMS stands for Express Mail Service and is a special delivery service for international customers provided by the post office.


4. Cancellations and Refunds
※ You may cancel an order or receive a refund in Mwave shop, however, your order may not be returned or exchanged. Please refer to the Glossary of Terms below.
- Cancel: Canceling an order [Before delivery begins]
- Refund: Refunding the price of an item once if the item is defective [After receipt of item]
- Exchange: Exchanging an item received for a new item because of a customer's change of heart [After receipt of item]
- Return: Sending an original item back to Mwave shop in order to exchange for a new item [After receipt of item]

1) Cancellation and Refund Policy Based on Order Status
① Processing (Payment completed. Preparing items) status
- The cancellation policy varies depending on the type of item
- If it is not a MEET&GREET item: Within 24 hours of transaction, request to cancel an order by going to My Account - Help Desk with the Order Number
- If it is a MEET&GREET item: You have until 30 minutes before the live broadcast to request to cancel an order by going to [My Account] - [Help Desk] with the Order Number
- Other rules: You may not cancel an order for a MEET&GREET item once the live broadcast begins: This is in order to prevent cancellations after the artist has read a message.

② Prepared (On standby for shipping) status
- The item is ready to ship, so the order may not be canceled.
- Exceptions to the rule: If the customer insists on canceling, after the customer pays a $3 fee per item, the customer will be refunded the remaining sum.
- The imposed fee includes the cost of packaging materials, shipping, storing and packaging services

③ Complete (Shipping) status
- The item has already shipped, so the order may not be canceled.
- Exceptions to the rule: If more than 3 months have passed, and you still have not received the item and it can't be traced, go to My Account - Help Desk and leave your inquiry. You may receive a refund after discussion.

④ Complete (After receipt of item) status
- If the item is defective (missing components, missing autograph, damaged item), you may receive a refund. However, you may not exhange/return an item due to a change of heart.
- Within 3 days, go to My Account - Help Desk and request a refund with a photo of the entire box and the item
- Mwave will bear the cost of Paypal's remittance fee
- Exceptions to the rule: If a photo is not included or the request is made after 3 days, it is not refundable.

2) Amount refunded based on type of defect
① Missing components
- Missing photo card: $2
- Missing poster: $4
- Missing autograph: $3
- Depending on the product, the amount may vary by ± $1 ~ $2

② Damaged item
- Torn item / wet / scratched / wrinkled: $3
- Depending on the product, the amount may vary by ± $1 ~ $2
※ The package or box may be slightly scratched or wrinkled during the international shipping process. If this does not have a major effect on the item's use, it is not refundable.

3) Customs
- Because customs policies vary by country, the customer must pay the applicable tax
- Mwave does not bear the tax.

5. Agreement to Policy
The customer must check 'Agree' to all of the above conditions before making an order in order to make a purchase
6. More information
For other information, please contact Customer Center: [My Account] - [Help Desk]
CS Hours: 10:00~19:00 KST (except Sunday and Korean Holiday) .